Arrest Reports 6-7-2018

Things have been a bit quiet in Magee since last week.  The Magee Police Department reports the following arrests:   Bryan Thurman of 166 Hayes Gray Road Mendenhall was arrested on a Failure to Appear Warrant. 

Same date, May 29, Glendale Blackwell of Colonial Circle, Magee was arrested on two charges of fleeing, possession, resisting, pettit larceny, simple assault and trespassing.

May 30, a charge of DUI first was filed by the police department.  June 1 Victor Owens of 621 11th Avenue N.W. Magee, date of birth May 2, 1973 was charged with DUI 3, which is a felony offense. 

Charity Grubbs of 199 Nevil Craft Road, Mendenhall, date of birth October 26, 1992, was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle. 

Simpson County Sheriff’s Department doesn’t report a lot of activity following Memorial Day holiday: there were one charge of malicious mischief, two outstanding warrants, one disorderly conduct charge, one hold for ICE, one warrant charge, one public intoxication charge; on May 29 there was a charge of disturbing the peace, June 1 there was a charge of driving with license suspended and failure to yield, and two outstanding warrants; there was also a DUI charge.  On June 2 Casey Hutchins of 129 M. H. Powell Road was charged with possession of paraphernalia of methamphetamines. 

Trinity Cooley of 17 Leonard Clarke Road Richton was taken into  custody on a hold for Mississippi Department of Corrections.