Crime may increase

With the Simpson County Sheriff’s Office busy investigating burglaries, the department advised that there will be an expected increase in burglaries, general theft, and suicides as the holiday season approaches.

Investigator Chris Wallace said, “Burglaries have increased and we expect it to last from now through the first of the year.” 

Wallace encouraged everyone to keep up with serial numbers of products and property of value. He explained that providing law enforcement officers with serial numbers will help increase the chances of recovering stolen property. Maintaining serial numbers also helps with insurance claims.

Wallace suggested that citizens use a free website named Report It to register their property. The web address is It is a free site used to keep a secure online record of valuable property.

The site does not collect any personal information from its users, and is a safe and secure way to maintain serial numbers and a description of all products which can be used in recovering stolen products.

Maintaining a record is extremely important, especially with burglaries on the rise.

Deputies arrested Charles Ray McCullum on October 18, charging him with grand larceny and house burglary. McCullum’s bond was set at $75,000.

Other burglaries have been committed on Byrd Road and Pinola Braxton Road. The Sheriff’s Office  encourages everyone to  take extra safety measures as the holidays approach.