Amazon may have a vulnability

When President Trump targets the online giant Amazon for criticism, his aim is off.

The president says the company has too big of a lobbying operation.

Maybe so, but that’s protected by the First Amendment. Besides, can Amazon’s lobbying really be that much larger than other big corporations?

The president says Amazon has too sweet a deal for deliveries with the Postal Service. But the post office says it makes money on the deal.

The president says Amazon doesn’t pay enough taxes. That’s because its profits are low, and to fix that, just change the law.

Amazon has a different vulnerability that Trump has not discussed. It has to do with the mind-numbing topic of monopoly business practices.

Amazon’s profits are minimal because the company reinvests much of its cash into research and development. This may allow it to underprice the market in an unfair way designed to drive competitors out of business.

If that’s true, it eventually will attract the government’s attention.

Remember how the feds went after Microsoft in the 1990s?



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