America’s real terrorists

I t is a waste of time to urge President Trump to lay off his frequent Twitter insults. The habit is not very presidential, but he simply can't help himself, and the truth is a lot of his supporters enjoy it when he spouts off. He knows how to play to an audience.

Last week he aimed his smartphone at British Prime Minister Theresa May, who said the president was wrong to share anti-Muslim videos made by a far-right British group she described as hateful.

Never at a loss for words when he instead could be running the government, Trump popped back to the prime minister: "Don't focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!"

Sorry, but the United States most certainly is not doing fine when it comes to what radical Islamic terrorism is trying to do: Kill innocent people. On this issue, the only real difference between the deaths in America and those in Great Britain is the background of the people doing the killing.

Britain and many other countries in Europe have suffered through some deadly attacks by Muslim terrorists in recent years. The United States fortunately has had far fewer of these attacks. Good intelligence work has prevented many attempts at mayhem.

Where America leads in the body count, of course, is in the number of deaths at the hands of homegrown terrorists - people who have both a grievance and a gun.

In the 10 months since Trump took office, there have been two mass murders in the United States. One was in Las Vegas, where a heavily armed gunman, barricaded in a high-rise hotel room, killed 58 people attending a country music festival and wounded another 400 plus. The other was Nov. 5 in the small town of Sutherland Springs, Texas, where an angry military veteran marched into church services, killing 27 and wounding 20.

There are other cases this year. Nine people killed in Texas in September at a party to watch the Dallas Cowboys' season opener. Five killed in June during a domestic dispute in New Mexico. Six killed at a Florida business by a man who had been fired from his job there. Eight people, including a sheriff's deputy and an 11-year-old, killed in Lincoln County - Mississippi- during a domestic dispute.

President Trump loves to talk about Islamic terrorists. There's no doubt they still want to attack and kill Americans. The government and the people must remain vigilant.

But he doesn't have much to say about the real terrorists among us:

Those who were born here, who look like us and talk like us, but who allow anger to consume them.

These people are killing our country from within, but nobody seems interested in figuring out how to get them help or how to prevent what they are thinking about doing. It does not matter whether Islamic terrorists or Americans fire the guns - the victims are just as dead either way.

It would be great to see leadership from the president on this. But he's too busy criticizing our closest ally in the whole world. Honestly, you cannot make this stuff up.