D’Lo Water Park is a jewel for Simpson County


DLo Water Park is right here in Simpson County, but we sometimes have a tendency to overlook local beauty that is right here on our own doorsteps.

The park itself is  a real jewel and offers a lot for people to enjoy.  In the evenings it is not unusual to see people walking the track for exercise and taking in some of the natural beauty and serenity the park has to offer. 

The park is open to hosting events, and they sponsor some of these events themselves.  During the Fourth of July they host a fireworks show.  At Christmas time the park has a Christmas light display.  The ballfields on the property host games and tournaments. 

Campgrounds accommodate everything from primitive camp to RV camping.  If you are not so much into roughing it, a nice small cabin is available for rent on a nightly basis. 

The ownership of the park was recently transferred from the Pearl River Basin Development District to Simpson County.  It is owned by the county and operated by a park commission appointed by the Board of Supervisors. 

The backdrop for the park is the Strong River, which meanders through the park in D’Lo.  It provides many opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts including tubing on the river and canoeing.  Kayaks  are also available to rent.  Park employees will shuttle you from the put in point and from the take out point back to the park. 

For those who prefer to stay on dry land, pavillions located on the river banks offer a great view to the river below,  and bath houses are open to the public. 

The river itself is a swim-at-your-own-risk situation but accessible for those who don’t fear swimming without a lifeguard.  You will find the rocks on the river make for a really nice place to come and sit.  There are plenty of places to set up for a picnic.  If you like fishing, the water park is the place to go with several varieties of fish including bass, bream, crappie and catfish. 

The park office offers a full selection of fishing supplies including live bait like minnows and crickets.   

If you are looking for a place that is a little more secluded you may want to visit the park at  Merit.  Just about four miles from D’Lo on Highway 43, Merit offers an old fashioned swimming hole that is sure to please during the summer heat. 

The water from Rials Creek has carved the local rocks and created a small waterfall area that pours into a pool below.  It is just the right size to swim in. 

This road-side park is owned by the county also and is operated by the park commission.

So if you are looking for a place to cool off on these warm summer afternoons just stop by, take your shoes off and enjoy the fun!      

If you would like more information about the park or fees for activities, contact Park Manager Patricia Smith at 601-847-4310, or you can reach her via e-mail at dlowaterpark@bellsouth.net.