Don’t fret over the same stuff just enjoy yourself


Sometimes when it rains it pours but you mine as well make the best of a situation. 

  Last week I took off on Thursday and Friday to go to the cabin for a couple of days the plans were for the family to cover over Friday evening and we would have a bit of a small Brown Family reunion. 

  My plan was to fish a bit play with the dogs and chill.  It really did not register what all Nancy does when it comes to trips but as the weekend rolled on it did. I was able to get what was needed for the big meal but some of the other stuff just did not happen.  You know stuff like what you eat the rest of the time.  I made homemade pimento and cheese, but no bread.  Fortunately, I had brought sausage for the grill so I had sausage dogs, that goodness for the buns again.  I did bring dog food. 

  I said what the heck I was going to enjoy myself anyhow.  That evening I went fishing and caught a nice mess of bream.  As I was heading back the stringer pulled out of the boat and went to the bottom.  I was at the lake enjoying myself and I thought at least I don’t have to clean fish. 

  A little later I decided it was time for a swim it was pretty hot I dove in the lake and here comes the new pup, Fisher.  Fisher is a two-month old Boykin Spaniel.  He likes to play and chew.  I am about ready for that to be over.  My arms and hands as well as the feet look like I have been in the brier patch.  I actually had gotten him before Rascal had gotten in such bad shape.  It turns out he loves the water which is great.

  Next morning I drive the Polaris to where I can get cell service so I could call and tell Nancy what was needed.  We talked and it was time to head back.  I turned the key on the polaris and nothing happened. 

  I had my truck so I went to jump it but it would not stay cranked.  Bad battery.  I drove back to Magee to get a new one but the post were on the wrong side and the connectors would not lay flat.  Fortunately I had some bolts made the connection and was able to get it started. 

  Friday evening one of the nieces  made it in and Nancy came rolling up before long.  She laughed at me for taking her for granted in the past.  She brought most of the other stuff that was needed and we had a good time. 

  Saturday more of the crew came to visit and what I thought was going to be a slight crowd turned into most everyone who could make it. 

  Anna Lauren and Brooks made it down from Memphis.  Sister Pam came in from Tupelo, Kristen and her son Michael came from Huntsville and my niece, Heather, and her family came from Montgomery.   That evening we grilled hamburgers for everyone and had a fun time visiting and discussing previous trips  to the cabin over the years.   

  My advice is to make the best of the difficulties and learn to enjoy the time you have with family and friends.