Father’s Day was low key and that was fine


This past weekend was a bit quiet, and that was perfectly fine because before long there will be a pitter patter of little feet in our lives. 

  Daughter Anna Lauren wrote me a text message and said she was sorry she could not make it down to spend Father’s Day, and I told her that was fine.  She needed to get some rest because baby Anne Caroline will be coming soon. 

  She is set to make her first appearance on August 3.  I know her mom and dad are ready.  Nancy and Anna Lauren are beside themselves getting ready.  Every time we turn around there is something new the two of them need to discuss and that is perfectly fine. 

  The nursery is painted, furniture is arranged and re-arranged.  The doctor’s visits all seem to be in order and everything is looking just fine.  What more of a Father’s Day present could you ask for? 

  As for son-in-law Brooks, I believe at first he was really looking forward to a little boy but he is soon to find out just how much fun a little girl can be.  If she is like her mom he will have his hands full. 

  I got to play a little golf on Saturday morning with the guys.  Saturday night I grilled steaks for Nancy and me.  She had been cleaning the house so that evening we sat back and took it in after a really good meal.  We don’t grill like we used to but we did and it was good. 

    Sunday morning we got up and went to Sunday school and then church.  Talking about a wonderful preacher, I really do like Dr. Jim Taylor.  So if you are looking for  a good sermon drop by some time. He is really good.  He challenges me to be a better person and he is scripturally sound. 

  I had put off cutting grass at the river, and maybe I missed that part about laboring on Sunday.  However, I really do not consider mowing to be work.  It is more therapy than anything else.  Nancy had suggested that we take the pups up for a swim.  So I grabbed a bite for lunch and headed up to cut grass.  I got mixed signals or so I thought, and assumed she really did not want to go back. 

  As it was she was offering me the chance not to go back so we did not take the dogs but I was able to cut the grass, which was something that really needed to be done.  I got back to the house and I really thought she had changed her mind about going and I told her that was fine--only to find out later she really wanted to go but was giving me an out. 

  Anyhow, we ended up getting a couple of movies and watching them late that afternoon.  Renting movies for us is a hit and a miss. Sometimes we find a really good one but a lot of times it is a wash.  We got one with Liam    .  It was a bit strange in that he ended up killing all the guys who had murdered his son on a drug deal that had gone bad.  That was the better of the two we selected. 

  As far as I am concerned this was a perfect Father’s Day. I was ok not being on the road or expecting others to be.  There will be plenty of time for that very soon.  Here’s hoping all you other dads had a nice Father’s Day!