Gift giving takes on a different meaning at the Browns’


Wow what a year!  I normally start asking the girls at the office in June what they want for Christmas and before you know it--well it is here.

   I’m pretty sure there is nothing I need for Christmas, and what I want most of all is for everyone to be as fortunate as we are.  Sure, we have our trials and tribulations but, like everyone else, we’re make it through it. 

  We are fortunate to have good friends. Nancy is a bit more healthy than I, but we are going to fix that.  Specifically, I am going to improve, not bring her down.  She has been on a diet and I am so proud of her.  She has not cheated once since May and has lost a bunch of weight. 

  We live in a small community where we know most everyone.  We were visiting in Mendenhall the other night and knew most everyone there. 

  So blessed?  You could say so.

  I decided to do something a bit different this year in regard to a gift for Nancy.  I have always rushed out and spent the obligatory amount of money and gotten her some bling.  She appreciates it and enjoys being glamorized.

    She has become very sensitive  to animals.  We have two small dogs and on any given day four to five cats.  Another laid claim to us the other day.  Thankfully someone was looking for a yellow cat as a Christmas cat so we found the latest a home.  Anna Lauren came down for the holiday and, of course, brought her cat, Lance Gage M.D. 

    Rascal, the elder statesman of the house, a 16-year-old Jack Russel, can hardly see or hear.  He will sometimes catch a glimpse of movement and it is like an alarm goes off. 

  These cats are as big as he is and could probably take him out, but they let him think he is in charge. 

   So back to Nancy’s gift-She has been watching all the starving animals on tv ads shaking and trembling.  She will get up and leave the room.  She has been working with some of the animal rescue volunteer groups a bit.  I decided to give her 500 pounds of dog food.  My plan was that she could give it to the groups she works with. 

    I had it in the back of my truck covered with a tarp.  I called her out and told her to pull the tarp back.  She would have nothing to do with it.  So I pulled it back and told her “Merry Christmas.”  She gave me a perplexed look as if to say “why?”  She really did say “Why.”  I told her I wanted her to give it to the folks she worked with that helped strays or abandoned animals. 

    I understand her trepidation, though, because I am the same guy that put a push mower in the bed for a Valentine’s gift and told her she had a gift in the bedroom.  The skilsaw did not go over too well on Mother’s Day either. 

  But in this situation I thought I had done well.  We get what we want when we want it through the year, so why not do something nice for someone instead of giving an object?  After I explained what my plan was she was good with it and actually pretty pleased. 

    I guess it was presumptious on my part to think she would have put all of the pieces together.  She later told me she was afraid to pull the tarp up for fear a  spider monkey might jump up at her.

    Maybe next year.