Hometown Heroes - It doesn’t get much better!


W ith all the doom and gloom it is nice to have something that we can be proud of.  The newspaper has decided that we are going to partner with some of our local businesses to start a new feature--Hometown Heroes!

This will not necessarily be a regular feature but one that we will publish when the situation warrants. We will note those who make a difference.

To start the series we are featuring one of Magee’s own-Brently Berry. 

We recently ran a front page story on the 16-year-old Berry’s courageous effort to rescue his neighbor who had fallen from his fishing boat into the waters of a local lake.  Had it not been for Brently’s fast thinking and actions, a fishing trip could have turned into a tragedy.  Instead, Brently dove into the lake and helped his neighbor to shore.  Other than rescuer and rescued getting cold and wet, the situation turned out well. 

We started thinking about Brently’s actions and decided just acknowledgement in the paper was not enough.  While his neighbors greatly appreciated his actions, we thought it would be more fitting to acknowledge his efforts in some other ways.

We contacted Joey Adcock, owner of 4Sunz in Magee, and discussed our thoughts with him, and he wanted to participate.  So Joey agreed he would give a $50 gift certificate as an acknowledgement of Brently’s efforts.  It is sure that a young man would like sportswear or something similar from 4 Sunz.

We then contacted our friends at Fernando’s Restaurant, and they agreed to give a $50 gift certificate to Brently for his actions.  Now he can afford to take a date for a night on the town.

We appreciate these businesses stepping up to acknowledge the actions of this young person. 

If you know of a courageous action or something one of our residents did to make our community better, let us know and we may include them as a future hometown hero.  Contact us at the paper with information about individual and contact information. 

You can soon be reading about friends and family in future editions of the newspaper.