It is finally here the cool fall breezes, football and family

W ell, it is finally about time November is almost here and the temperature has  started to drop. 

  My mother’s family, the McMullans, had their annual reunion get together in Newton this past weekend.  It is a chance to see cousins from all over the country. 

  The New York City folks showed up and it was great to see them and spend time with them.  Some of us are still local, Hattiesburg and a few from the Jackson area. 

These folks are die hard Ole Miss fans so we have a good time razzing them when it comes to football. And of course this year they are giving me a lot of grief when it comes to the Bulldogs.  Specifically this weekend about Fitzgerald making more pass completions to LSU than to his own team.  After a good laugh we came to the conclusion that maybe State and Ole Miss could merge to have one good team, their offense and our defense.

 Our newlyweds, Brooks and Anna Lauren made the trip down so they could attend the family reunion.  

 We went to see the Trojans on Friday and they were successful.  During half time Harold Shaw was recognized for his accomplishments playing football.  He was presented his jersey and his number 14 was officially retired.  A large sign was erected along with other players whose numbers have been officially retired which include the Mangum’s, Justin Griffith and now Harold Shaw. 

 Shaw played for Magee from 1991 until 1993 and graduated in ‘94. During high school he had over 6,500 yards and 75 touchdowns 

 From Magee he went to USM and had a stellar career before being drafted for the New England Patriots. 

 Shaw told the crowd that he soon plans on moving back to the area and intends to be active in the lives of young people from the area. 

 The attendance at the Friday night game was not what we would have hoped and Harold made mention of that.  Hopefully he can encourage better fan participation in the future.