Seasons change - football and hunting - it’s that time again

A t the time of this writing, Friday morning, dove season is just a day away and football season really started   last night when Magee and Mendenhall faced off for the 95th encounter.

What started off as a good game for the Trojans saw a competitive matchup until the end of the first half.  As a natter of fact at halftime the score was tied 18 to 18.

The Trojans actually had the first score and led the game for a while.  I’m not sure if Mendenhall was over confident at the start but it was evident by the second half that they were ready to play ball.  Play ball they did, as Mendenhall served up chopped Trojans by the with a final score of Mendenhall Tigers 46 to the Trojans 18. 

My news editor, Marlan Jones, who was originally a Trojan and now considers himself a Tiger, and I placed a small wager but only after I got him to give me 17 points.  Friday morning he came in grinning with his hand out. 

I think this game was probably good for both teams.  It was a reality check for the Magee Trojans and while Mendenhall was predicted to win it was an awakening: “Do not take anyone for granted.”

So Saturday morning is the start of dove season.  For years Anna Lauren and I have hunted together on opening day.  Well, good news, Brooks, the new husband, is playing golf so Anna Lauren and I will be hunting Saturday morning as usual.

Over the years, Pop has taken second fiddle to the guys or sorority or whatever else may be happening but not this year. 

We are hunting with long term friends and afterward there will be a cookout and time for visiting.  Years ago it would have been a feast of doves along with the trimmings.  In recent years there have not been as many birds and it is a good thing they were not counting on me and my ability to bring them in, otherwise it might have been a jam samich.  Jam-- two piece of bread together. 

Saturday also marks the start of college football.  The Bulldogs face Stephen F. Austin on Saturday afternoon at 6:30.  Ole Miss Landsharks will face Texas Tech at 11 a.m. and Southern Miss will face Jackson State at 6:00.  All the big schools should win; however, State has faced some unknowns and lost in the past so everyone needs to go into their games with their minds focused.  

  Having State ranked in the Top 25 in pre-season is going to make them a target for everyone they play.  But folks are saying that this may be the year for the Bulldogs.  Only time will tell, but it sure is a lot better to come out of nowhere rather than having to start with such high expectations. 

The only thing that could make all of this a bit better is that if it would cool off a bit and the past few mornings have been a little cooler-Come on cold weather!