Simpson County is a great place to call home and here’s why

T his week marked the 63 annual  banquet for the Magee Chamber of Commerce. 

That speaks volumes about a community and its leadership.  Mendenhall is also about to celebrate their 60th annual banquet.  It is a great accomplishment that our Simpson County community has that long a tenured success with their organizations.

In addition, the Simpson County Development Foundation has been in operation since 1974.  The SCDF is like a bridge for Simpson County entities to work together to facilitate business and industrial development. 

A lot of things are going on in different directions of the county, and that is absolutely wonderful.  All of these organizations are in the process of having their annual banquets or luncheons.  Normally, at these events people are recognized for their service to the community in various respects. 

Last Thursday, 170 people attended the Magee Chamber Banquet.  It was held at a new venue in Magee called Blueberry Peace Farms.  Let me tell you that  owners Thomas Brown and his wife Benita have it going on.  The facility was outstanding.  It is a vaulted hall with separate reception and kitchen areas.  The venue lends itself to decorating for any special occasion or event. 

I was filling out a term for a former Chamber board member.  This makes the fourth term that I have served with the Chamber.  Some folks would ask, “Are you a glutton for punishment?”  My take on it is this--the Chamber is one of the best things going on in our communities.  They are on the cutting edge of all the positives that happen in our community.  So why not be an active part of the organization?  They are part of what makes our community successful.  Everyone should want to be--and can be--a part of our Chamber in one form or fashion. 

Serving on the board is not always glamorous.  They are the ones who have to be there for everything-- Crazy Day, Mendenhall in May, Old Fashioned Day, Christmas parades and the list goes on.  Part of the reason for the board’s busy schedule is that so many other people do not want to volunteer to help, but they should be willing to. 

It is like the old cliche--10 percent of the people do 90 percent of the work.  But that mentality should change. More people should be willing to step up to the plate. 

This year has been a great year for the Chamber and that comes from 28 years of up close and personal involvement. 

We have opened 20 businesses over the past year.  More and more positive things are going on in Simpson County than you can shake a stick at.  Sales taxes are increasing, roof tops are increasing and there is a sense of fresh air coming in and it is good.

We will have different leadership in the Magee Chamber.   Christian Carrico, the next prez,  is quite capable.  We hope there will be many more positives to write about in the upcoming editions of the Courier and County News. 

Editors Note:  Speaking of good things happening, I told you earlier in the year I had started a diet. As of last Friday morning there is 40 pounds less of me to love!