Sometimes it just doesn’t matter what you say, folks are mad

B eing in the hot seat goes with the job and, yes, sometimes it gets personal, but that is part of it, too. 

It does not matter what we print in the newspaper, we are going to get the brunt of somebody’s anger, or as some folks put it, “the short end of the ‘proverbial’ stick.”

And it doesn’t matter whether we are right or wrong, we get the blame for publicizing whatever the issue is.

Some weeks we make half of the county mad, the next week it’s the other half. And then somewehre in the middle, lots of people are happy and enjoy reading about our communities.

Most recently, we reported what was said at a follow up of a City of Magee board meeting.  It is not unusual for us to do so if we do not have all the information from meetings. We follow up later, it’s called reporting. So even though it may not have come out at the meeting we get the information and put it with the story.   

   Sorry not everyone understands that.  Then we get slammed with statements from Facebook by folks who really don’t have a clue about what goes on in town and they say things like “silly-ass newspaper.”  When we quote folks, we put their exact statement in quotation marks.  If a statement is not in quotation marks, that is not what was  said word for word.  Otherwise it is a summary of what was said with the same meaning.

  I defended what was written last week, but not on Facebook, which can be a stage for folks who have nothing  better to do with their time.  It was a very grown-up, civil  conversation with ther person that was involved, not everyone wanting to express their opinion.

 There were even a few words used incorrectly, like liable and slander.

A couple of the people who complained have already dropped their subscription to the paper because of what they called “Pat Brown’s personal agenda.”  What they were referring to was when the salaries of the highest paid positions in county education were printed in the papers.  News Flash: Some folks would like to read it again--guess why?  These employees, who work for the public, are getting more raises, and it is the public’s right to know who is spending their money.

And the raises are to be given while our school district continues to have a poor rating.  

Some people just don’t like the facts. And sometimes they choose to interpret them incorrectly.

The goal of the newspaper is to present a news story in an objective manner, or as objectively as possible. Once the facts are presented it is up to readers to form their own opinions. 

A column or editorial is to present someone’s personal idea about a particular situation.  Last week’s column was about getting involved with the Chamber of Commerce and trying to improve our community. 

It is a lot easier to complain about things on Facebook, which is a little like doing it behind closed doors.  It’s easier to type what you want to say rather than actually handling the situation person to person.




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