Summer time -- it just doesn’t get much better


S ummer time and the livin’ is easy--fish are jumpin’-- so goes Ella Fitzgerald’s sultry summer song that sums up the season just the way we like it.

Last Friday I had the opportunity to join some of the guys and play golf after lunch at Deerfield in Canton.  It was for Make-a-Wish with the proceeds going to make opportunities come true for children who suffer from severe health issues. 

I was invited by Brien Hubbard and played with Kannan Stubbs and Mendenhall’s Mike Monk.  While I am not sure how we ended up, we were actually in first place in our flight when we turned in our score cards.  We shot a 9 under par, which was  a 63, and we did good to accomplish that.  That tells you one of two things: either there were a lot of flights or we got plain lucky.  I suspect it was a combination of the two.  With the exception of Mike, the other three of us don’t spend a lot of time on the golf course, at least not judging by our golfing ability. 

Did I mention it was hot on Friday?  It was so hot we turned in our scores and headed to the house, which is part of the reason we have no idea how it turned out. 

Secondly, the Bulldogs were playing at 7:00 that night, and we wanted to make it home for the game.  I stayed up past my bedtime to watch the Bulldogs pull off a victory which would mean they got a chance to face Vandy again Saturday night.

Saturday was a full day.  A group of us guys decided to have a men’s fish fry at the church, and we had a pretty good crowd, about 50 altogether.  The  goal is for us to get our men and boys to start taking a more active role, not only in our church but in our community.  We hope you will be seeing and hearing more about this in the future. 

Our guest speaker for the event was Mitchell Williams.  He is responsible for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes program for the Hattiesburg area, and he wants Simpson County as part of his ministry area because he has a long-term relationship with “Stump” Taylor, better known to the folks at First Baptist Church of Magee as Brother Jim Taylor. 

Williams brought a very good message about the role men should be playing in the church and family, inspiring several in attendance.  As mentioned earlier, this event will hopefully be the catalyst for things to come.

Back to the Bulldogs, they opened the door and let the Commodores back into play on Saturday night.  It was by hook and crook all the way.  So they were set to face out yet a third time on Sunday night. 

The game was scheduled to start at 8:30 and the last thing I remembered was waking up at the bottom of the ninth and seeing Vandy score to take the lead.  I assumed that was it.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out Monday morning that the Bulldogs had won.

So it looks like the Bulldogs need to keep their grip packed because they will be heading to Omaha.  Regarding a new head coach, I’m not sure we need  one. 

And the summer season continues, just the way we like it.



Friday night, the Trojan faithful were honored with the presence of royalty as the Homecoming court was on full display.  The football and class maids were dressed in full regalia as they prepared