Thanksgiving holidays ended up being really fun this year

Wow what a fast paced holiday-normally my plans are around the Thanksgiving meal and the balance is focused around deer hunting.  Not the case this year.

  Nancy’s dad came down and spent some  time with us.  It is always nice to see him and listen to him reminiscing about family and holidays.  We are fortunate to still have him and he is always up to a little bit of devilment.   I think that is why we get along so well.

  We went to the barber shop while he was in town and he had those guys cackling over some of the tales he was spinning.  I think Larry Craft would like for him to come weekly. 

  We were invited to have Thanksgiving lunch at the Baldwins.  We now have a little girl in the family, Anne Caroline.  So it was great time to see her coddle and coo. 

  Thanksgiving evening we took Harold back to Lula.  We were in hopes of watching the State and Ole Miss game but that did not pan out in that Harold  doesn’t get ESPN.  It turned out ok because I was invited to go duck hunting on Friday morning which meant an early day. 

  I arrived at my former college buddies house and after a cup of coffee it was off to the duck blind.  This hunt included my new pup Fisher.  Fisher is a Boykin Spaniel and they are supposed to be good hunters. 

  After a few shoots he was able to get adjusted to the loud bangs of the guns and seemed to be handling it pretty well.

One of the ducks was just winged so he made his way on down the line and was about a quarter of a mile away when he decided to light.  Fisher was having none of that and off he went.  He went right to the where the duck lite.  He dediced not to bring him back but he was on his trail.  That is a good sign. 

  Soon after the ducks quit flying and Fisher had made many trips around the blind swimming it was time to call it a day. 

  Fisher and I went to pick up mom and it was time for phase two in Oxford to visit with the cousins who always have a hoedown the day after the State and Ole Miss Game.  This year was different than some of the others because  I had a bit to crow about.  I was in full Mississippi State regalia needless to say, and there were some snide comments by those who did not know Cousin Pat from Magee. 

  Fisher decided he wanted to play with the other dogs and to do some laps in the lake so guess who got wet again.  Close to dark, we decided we had better get back on the road headed home for the next phase of the holiday weekend. 

  Nancy decided we would go to the coast to see Jamey Johnson in concert so we drove down and met up with our friends and went to the concert. 

  We left a little early so we would not be so late getting home.  Sunday morning it was time for church and Anne Caroline made her first debut at church in Magee. 

  Nancy gave a thumbs up for a Sunday afternoon of golf.  Glad to be back at work so I can get some rest.


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