Three person scramble makes for a good time at club


This past weekend the Simpson County Country Club had a really enjoyable golf tournament.  That was thanks to a lot of folks who made things happen. 

  Most notable was the Members Golf Association.  A lot of those folks and others worked hard to make a good event, and it showed.  With 26 three-person teams there was a good round of golf on Saturday and again on Sunday. 

  While this was termed an MGA event it really is all about having a quality golf opportunity  in Simpson County.  Wayne Hilton, chairman of MGA, said, “Without the help of Pam Smith, Gaye Sullivan and Tommy Blair the event would not have been so good.” He added, “I am sure I am leaving someone out but Gary Williams and Chris Craft made a tremendous contribution.”

  Over the past year  a lot of improvements have been made around the golf course and much of the progress has been made available by the MGA.  There is new outdoor furniture at the clubhouse thanks to Margo Broadhead.  It really makes things look nice. 

  The intention of the  leadership is that the club will start having well organized events, but this means cooperation from the folks who are playing, mainly that they sign up and pay their entry fees in advance so that planning goes well. 

  Much time and effort are required to make these events happen.  Someone has to plan meals and the full  nine yards.  This tournament had a calcutta that night, and teams were auctioned to make the play more interesting on Sunday.  

  Another thing that makes these events is having good prize money and the fact that there are hole sponsors and event sponsors who help offset expenses for the event.  Local businesses are the ones who help, and their support is always appreciated.   

  The overall winners were the team of Aaron Collins, Danny Collins and Kevin Jones.

  Championship flight had the team of Stephen Yelverton, Clayton Massey and Grant McDonneal in first place. Second place went to Kelly Barnes, Shelly Barnes and Patrick Barnes.  Third place went to the team of Dumas, Stamps and Levi.

  First flight winners were Amie Green, Burt Wallace and Chuck Lee.  Second place went to the team of Stringer, Stringer and Hardwell. Third place went to Tommy Blair, Justin Blair and M. Wallace.

  Second flight winners were Patrick Dixon, Corey Waltman and Justin Waltman.  Second place went to Gerald Hilton, Les Dickerson and Billy Williamson.  Third place went to Scott Wade, Jeff Wade and Don Rankin. 

  There will be a tournament on Fouth of July starting at 8 a.m.

  The next big tournament on the books is Two Man Four Ball.  This will be a two-day tournament on July 20 and 21.  Sign up early! It gives the club a chance to organize and makes for a better event. 

  The club is also hosting Friday evening scrambles. For more information contact the club house.