We covered all the bases Thanksgiving and it was fun

T hanksgiving Day started with a wonderful meal with daughter Anna Lauren’s new in-laws, Charles and Rhonda Baldwin. We were invited last year but Anna Lauren and Brooks had not tied the knot but now they are official--talk about a reason to be thankful!

As you can well imagine there was nothing less than a feast for the get together.  We finished lunch and Brooks kept on going to the back getting containers so he could take food home.  That boy filled an entire cooler and we are not speaking of a small cooler either.  Glad I don’t have to buy groceries for them! 

We did the family thing and went off to Oxford for the Egg Bowl, arriving in time to drop off a vehicle and get with Brooks and Anna Lauren to ride up to the stadium.  

We sat in on-field suites located in the north endzone that really were fun.  When we were going in I was right in the middle of the Ole Miss Band. I asked if they wanted me to join them on the field and they said “sure.” 

We had a really fun time at the game; of course, having State win made it all the better.  The big fight that broke out started where we were sitting.  Some folks on the field climbed up to the suite to keep from getting in the fight.  We stayed the night and the next morning we were able to visit with Nancy’s brother and their family. 

Then we split up and Nancy and Anna Lauren went to Lula to pick up Paw Paw.  Brooks and I headed to Memphis to see their new house since they’ve had the chance to move in and unpack.  Of course, Anna Lauren and Brooks were the perfect host and hostess with meals and everything planned. 

The plans on Saturday were to make hot tamales.  Paw Paw has a recipe to make them using coffee filters rather than corn shucks.  We doubled the recipe for the tamales so instead of using 2.5 pounds of meat we used 5.  By the recipe we should make about 120 tamales.  We came out with 112 so I am thinking we did pretty good.  Had it not been for the fact that four of us were rolling and wrapping them, I think we would still be in Memphis. 

That evening we had tamales and slaw along with chili so all was good.  Brooks was able to freeze a bunch of them so he was happy.  

Of course, there was a bunch of good football games to watch: Alabama and Auburn and then the LSU and Texas A&M. It was all one body could endure. 

Sunday morning we had to collect Paw Paw and take him home to Lula.  Then back to Magee after lunch in Jackson. By then it was time to settle in and take a short siesta Sunday afternoon. 

We all have a lot to be thankful for!