We need good people to run for elected office


G enerally speaking, folks go into office with good intentions to do the right thing for the right reasons.  They look to others who have served in those offices for advice on how to do things properly and sometimes if they listen they get proper advice and sometimes they do not.  They either don’t listen or they don’t get the proper advice. 

  And, of course, you have those folks who go into office to exert power over others and to build their cronyism.  They have the what-is-in-it-for-me attitude.  I guess the redeeming thing about this,  if you are a Christian, is to know that some day the power hungry, too, will have to answer for their actions, if not here at least on a judgment day somewhere else.  

  So somewhere in the mix of all this is where our elected leadership falls. 

   With regard to the City of Magee, we should give the benefit of the doubt because the majority of Magee’s leaders are new, but they should have enough  sense to ask enough questions before they find themselves painted into the proverbial corner. 

  Our other cities and towns in Simpson County have their own issues and problems to deal with, like zoning and having people who are interested in serving in office.   

    Sometimes you have to be thankful that anyone is willing to step up to the plate and serve the public. 

  Members of our Board of Supervisors are pretty seasoned and make well informed decisions with strong counsel.   However, they are going to have to raise taxes in order to maintain roads and other vital infrastructure.  There is just no way around it.  They did it last year and they are going to have to do it again.  We taxpayers are going to have to bite the bullet and go along with our supervisors if we want to ride on smooth roads and live in safe communities.

    Other offices are more independent and, of course, those elected officials just need to remember who put them in office because they can be recalled at the next election cycle. 

    Last but not least is the Simpson County School Board.  We feel that is probably one of the most important but most overlooked offices.  The members of that board insulate themselves more than any others. 

    The way they establish their meeting allows for very little public interaction.  They will address questions after the fact, but as far as answering questions during meetings, they are not very receptive. 

    They provide little detail about what they are discussing at meetings so if you are a public citizen and think you are going to understand what is going on by attending a board meeting, you are not.

   This, however, is not the issue.  The issue is that in November there will be three openings on the school board for districts 2, 3, and 4.  School board districts are the same as supervisor districts. 

    It is time we elect people to these positions who will fix the problems in our schools.  The Magee schools are all but failing and have been that way. 

    There is no reason for that failure, and it is time for change. 

   Linda Curlee is serving from District 2 and has indicated she most likely will not seek re-election.  Dale Shotts of District 3 told Fran Bridges, the superintendent’s secretary, that he was not seeking re-election.  Sammy Welch of District 4 said he most likely would not seek re-election. 

   Those vacancies leave the playing field wide open for anyone who may feel they can lead our school district in a better direction.  


Friday night, the Trojan faithful were honored with the presence of royalty as the Homecoming court was on full display.  The football and class maids were dressed in full regalia as they prepared