What football can best teach

Speaking of football, there’s a ton of excitement in the air as the high school season has kicked off for Simpson County-area schools.

After weeks of practice, often in stiflingly hot temperatures, the players and their coaches will get a good early indication of their potential for a championship-caliber season — what every team dreams of before the first kickoff of the first game.

Some will have those dreams reinforced by tonight’s outcome, others will start to doubt them.

Win or lose, though, it’s important not just for the players and coaches but also for the schools’ fans to keep the games in perspective.

Only a small slice of high school players will make it to the next level. For most, high school is as far as their talent will take them.

The lessons, though, they can learn on a football field — about competing, sportsmanship, sacrifice, perseverance and loyalty — can serve them well for the rest of their lives. Those lessons are there for the learning no matter the final score.