Clinic provides psychological services


Residents of Simpson County have access to many sources for help with medical, dental and physical therapy issues.  Now local help is also available for the psychological issues they may face at some time during their lives.

    Kathleen Patterson, Ph.D, PLLC, has opened a practice in Magee in which she offers clinical psychological services to adults age 18 and above in Simpson County and surrounding areas.

    “Life, at times, can be overwhelming,” says Dr. Patterson in explaining the reason she is providing the service.  “I take a positive approach to problems, building on personal strengths and assisting those I serve to gain knowledge, insight and skills needed in order to attain satisfaction and happiness in life.”

    She added, “It’s a needed service here.  Before I opened this practice, the nearest psychologist was 50 miles away.”

    Dr. Patterson is a licensed psychologist in the state of Mississippi with 31 years of experience in mental health.  She has resided in Magee for 11 years.  She has specialties in developmental and clinical psychology.

    Her practice is divided into several areas of focus.

     A major part of her practice is psychotherapy for issues such as  mood swings, depression, anxiety, chronic illness or pain, extended grief and traumatic stress.

   She provides assessments in the areas of intellectual and adaptive behavior, especially those needed for a diagnosis of intellectual disability.  Comprehensive mental status examinations are offered, as well as limited testing for issues such as dementia, depression, anxiety and personality assessment.

    Another area of focus is family education, which is available for families dealing with a loved one who is mentally ill.  “I am able to explain how families can help their loved one cope with the mental health issue,” she said.

    She also provides consultation with other professionals when a professional opinion is sought regarding an individual’s emotional, mental, intellectual, social or spiritual needs.

    Dr. Patterson can provide supervision for students working on a degree in psychology, for beginning professionals in the mental health field, or for those wanting to become licensed.

    She is also available to give presentations to civic groups, local churches and employers on issues such as stress management, how to help someone who is depressed or how to get involved in the area of mental health.

    A recent addition to her practice is screening for patients planning to undergo bariatric surgery for weight loss.  “I am currently completing a course to become certified in the area of bariatric counseling,” she said.

    Though Dr. Patterson works with adults, she can refer those under the age of 18 for help out of town.  However, she says she is looking for a clinician to work with her who has a master’s degree and is licensed to work with children, perhaps a marriage and family therapist.

    “I have a Christian orientation to life, and I am able to provide this perspective in my services if the client chooses,” she said.

    Clients may refer themselves or be referred by their healthcare provider.  Hours are by appointment only.  Day appointments are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and evening appointments are available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.               

    “I’ll try to set a time that works for them,” she said, “and I can see clients on Saturdays if necessary.  For an appointment, clients may call 601-466-8141.

    Dr. Patterson accepts patients on Medicare or Medicaid or who have Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance either privately or with the state.  She is applying to be a provider for other insurance services as well.

    Her office is located at 1119 1st Ave. NE in Magee.