D'Lo Truck Stop Robbery Suspect Apprehended


At approximately 5:45 a.m. on January 3 a vehicle was driven into the D’Lo Truck Stop located on Highway 49 South. The surveillance video showed a vehicle driven by one subject crash through the front doors. The subject then exited the vehicle and held the clerk, at what appeared to be gunpoint, and demanded money. The clerk gave the subject the cash drawer. The subject then attempted to back the car out of the store, but became stuck at the entrance before the video ended. The store owner explained that the subject exited the vehicle and fled on foot.

The Simpson County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the incident. Sheriff Donald O’Cain said that investigators believe that there were two subjects involved.

O’Cain revealed that following the incident the Sheriff’s Department bloodhound Montana was called to the scene. Montana tracked the subject through a wooded area west of the truck stop and was able to locate several items of evidence used in the robbery. She lost the trail near Pine Street, where investigators believe the subject was given a ride from the scene.

As the investigation continued the suspect was identified as 23 year old Elwood Bryce Leggett of Mendenhall. Leggett was arrested at approximately 2:00 p.m. by officers of the Pearl Police Department, after information was attained about his location. Leggett has been charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault manifesting extremes, burglary of a commercial building/cars, and malicious mischief over $1,000 dollars which are all felony charges. His initial appearance has been set for January 4 before Simpson County Justice County Judge Ted Blakeney.

O’Cain said, “This case is an ongoing investigation and more arrest are expected.”