District 77 Election Results


Unofficial election results are in for House Representative of District 77. On Tuesday July 31 a runoff election was held between Hayes Patrick and Price Wallace. Voter participation was similar to the first election, which was low. Patrick received the most votes in the initial election, due largely to his dominance in Rankin County. Wallace received strong support in Simpson County and his numbers were expected to increase prior to the runoff election.

Patrick’s dominance in Rankin County continued and was reflected in the totals. Patrick received 494 votes opposed to Wallace’s 156. Simpson County had 16 precincts eligible to vote in the election. Patrick only won a quarter of the precincts but still received enough votes to keep the race close. Support for Wallace was consistent, and as the precinct totals were being tallied he slowly closed the gap, and eventually took the lead.

This set the stage for one of the tightest elections in recent memory for Simpson County. Wallace won Simpson County with 1,227 votes versus Patrick’s 826. The combined totals equated to a very slim margin of victory for Price Wallace. Wallace had an unofficial total of 1,383 votes, and Hayes Patrick finished the race with 1,320 votes once all electronic ballots were counted.

There were 77 absentee and affidavit ballots. Wallace received the lion’s share of these as well. Patrick finished with 1,350 and as it stands Wallace will be the new representative of House District 77 with 1,430 votes.