Justice Court and Municipal Judge Eugene Knight Resigns


Municipal Judge of Magee Eugene Knight turned in his resignation letter on June 21. Mayor Dale Berry confirmed that Knight’s resignation will become effective June 30. Knight has served as Magee’s municipal judge since May of 2003.Berry said, “There are no improprieties in the City of Magee concerning Judge Knight. He was not asked to resign.”

City court is held in Magee on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Berry explained that the city plans to cancel the upcoming court date of July 3. The Mayor and Board of Aldermen will hold their regularly scheduled meeting on the evening of July 3. In the meeting Berry plans to recommend someone to replace Knight. According to City Attorney Bruce Smith, the new appointee has to be an attorney or Simpson County Justice Court Judge.
If approved by the board, the appointee will become the new municipal judge effective immediately. Mayor Berry declined to comment when asked of possible replacements, and stated that the city is only taking recommendations at this time.
Knight also submitted a resignation letter to the Simpson County Board of Supervisors. He will be resigning from his role as Justice Court Judge Post 2 effective June 20. According to County Administrator Rhuel Dickinson the board will appoint an interim judge until a special election can be called. The special election will likely be in November along with the general election.
Knight was available for comment. When asked his reason for resigning Knight said, “This was a personal decision made by my wife and I. It is time for me to go, I am 73 years old.” He said, “I plan to enjoy my life.”