Members Urged to Reduce Electricity Use

TAYLORSVILLE – Southern Pine Electric and other power companies are experiencing a critical shortage of electricity due to the increased usage from the extreme low temperatures. All members are asked to temporarily reduce their electric usage until further notice.

Please turn off all non-essential lighting and electrical appliances. Minimize your use of appliances that use large amounts of electricity such as water heaters, electric ovens and dryers, and lower your home thermostats to 68 degrees or lower until the emergency ends.

Reducing usage is necessary in order to maintain service. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

This voluntary curtailment of usage will hopefully result in a sizable reduction in load on the electric system. If the situation does not improve, the next step will be to enact the cooperative’s emergency load reduction plans, which may ultimately result in a loss of service for some customers on a rotating basis. Officials expect to make a decision later today on whether to implement that phase of the plan.

Please Note: At this time, this request does not apply to life support devices; however, consider making plans for critical consumers who require such equipment in case interruption of electric service becomes necessary.


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