Sheriff reports of 41 accidents


Sheriff Donald O’Cain reported there were a total of 41 dispatches of vehicles that were called in for vehicles that slid from the roadway. 

Tuesday evening a fuel truck turned over on Highway 49 near D’Lo the sheriff reported it was empty.  There was also a log truck that turned over near Pinola. 

The roads appear to be clearing in Magee. However, extreme caution should be exercised if you need to drive.  There are patches of snow and ice still on many roads within the city of Magee as well as the county.

Sheriff O’Cain reported that the bridge on Highway 28 crossing the Strong River was frozen.  He did say that MDOT was able to salt and sand which made it passable. 

It is advised that you should not be traveling on the roads unless necessary.  The sheriff said that many businesses have closed due to unsafe road conditions.