Gipsons open Corner Grocery


The small town with a short name, D’Lo,  is starting to grow.  Representative Andy Gipson and his wife Leslie and seeing to that.

December 1 will be the grand opening of the Corner Grocery located right smack in the middle of Downton D’Lo. 

Gipson and wife purchased the former Fairway Foods building that had fallen in disrepair from Betty Phillips.  Phillips and her husband, John, were the most recent operators of the grocery store.  According to Gipson the Phillips closed the store when John was elected to Justice Court Judge. 

Gipson was asked what made him to decide to renovate the store which may have otherwise been razed.  Gipson said some folks from Hollywood had come the Legislature on the closing day of the session and they were discussing filming a movie in D’Lo.  This comes on the heels of Mayor John Henry Berry’s Small Town Mayor feature which airs on Create Television. 

Andy said this got his wheels spinning when he decided to see what might be available property wise and lead to him making contact with Betty Phillips.  They struck a deal in April and plans are to be operational for the December 1 debut of the Gipson’s new business endeavor, Corner Grocery.

Gipson said he and Terry Magee did all and the manual labor and Leslie told them how she would like it down as well as the design work. 

The goal is to have the facility as a venue and to offer folks in the community a place to gather and visit.  Gipson said he is hopeful that they will be able to display and even sell local craft as well as health food items that are grown and prepared locally. 

Andy laughed and said he has had to start parking in the back when he goes to the store because people want to stop and visit.  He said the show has drawn a lot of interest into the community and he has even had visitors from California. 

He hopes to hire a cook so they can offer breakfast as well as lunches.  He said his long term goal is to offer a bar-b-que pit and even offer steaks for an evening meal.    

According to Gipson the short term goal is to get open and offer a place for the people in the community to gather and fellowship. 

Editors Note;A more comprehensive story about the Gipsons and their Corner Grocery endeavor will be featured in the Profile Edition of the paper in February.