Board transfers Luckey


Magee Middle School will be looking for a new principal for the 2018-20l9 school year.

At their last meeting, the Simpson County School Board approved the transfer of Principal Terrell Luckey from Magee Middle School to the position of principal at the Achievement Center in Magee.  Luckey will take the position which has been held by Dr. Roma Morris, who will be retiring. 

A replacement for Luckey at Magee Middle School was not announced. 

The board also agreed to hire Sydney Magee as principal for Mendenhall Jr. High to replace Kirby Craft, who is seeking a career outside the education field. 

The board approved the pay scale for employees for the upcoming school year.  According to Duane Fewell, finance director for the district, there was no across the board raise, though he did say revisions were made to pay scales where jobs had to be realigned. 

The board also discussed pay for the superintendent’s position. A discussion of pay for the school board attorney was delayed until a special called meeting at noon on April 19.   

The current salary for the superintendent is $106,600.  The salary for the board attorney is paid through retainer, which is currently set at $16,800. That amount is subject to change, based on the amount of work required.

The board recently evaluated Superintendent Greg Paes and gave him a “Superior” rating, despite the low ratings of several schools, particularly those in Magee. 

Some board members contended that an individual either gets a Superior or a Needs Improvement rating.  It is obvious  from the near failing rate for Magee schools that they are far from “Superior.” 

Hunting leases were approved by the board. These included Robert S. May - 614 acres, $3,684;  Todd Hollingsworth - 240 acres, $6.05 per acre, $1,452 acres;  Harvey Duke - 640 acres, $6.00 per acre for $3,840;  Allen Floyd - $6.00 per acre for 640 acres at $3,840;  Jerry Barnard - $6.00 per acre for 640 acres, $3,840;  Roger Collier -$6.40 per acre for $10 per acre, $6,400;  Tracey Runnels - 500 acres at $6.00 per acre for $3,000, which is down from last year’s lease rate of $4,117;  Jerry Barnard - 120 acres at $20 per acre, which is double the existing lease for $2,400;  Jude Martin $3,000, who matched the highest bid at $7.75 per acre for 387 acres. 

The board voted to transfer ownership of the old Magee Elementary facility through the form of a quit claim deed to the City of Magee.  Magee plans to have the property renovated by Head Start and establish their programs on that campus. 

The board approved accepting a $3,000 check from the Mendenhall High School FCCLA for sidewalks to the new band hall. 

Superintendent Paes reported that he is in the process of having the vacated Magee Middle School building torn down.  The engineer fees associated with the demolition are between $300,000 and $400,000.  Paes says he is attempting to find an alternative architect for the removal.