Magee and Mendenhall named MBS High School of the Year

Mississippi Blood Services (MBS) held their annual meeting and awards presentation on  January 25 at their headquarters in Flowood. Miss.

Blood Services knows that blood donors are the essential ingredient of the organization. All the state of the art equipment, a fleet of coaches, and the biggest building on the street are useless without blood donors.  It always comes down to the individual donor to get that needed unit of blood, but MBS takes one night out of the year to recognize those groups and individuals who put in that extra effort to ensure there is an adequate and safe blood supply for Mississippi’s patients.

There is nothing like a high school rivalry to stir up competition, and the long-standing rivalry between Simpson County’s Magee High School and Mendenhall High School is a prime example of this. The Simpson County Blood Bowl pitches the two high schools in a heated match to see which school can bring in the most blood donations. In 2017, both schools shattered records and doubled the number of donors they registered at their respective drives, earning them both the 2017 title of MBS High School of the Year, South Region.

Accepting their awards were Dr. Tom Duncan, principal, and Mrs. Audarshia Flagg of Magee High School and Ms. Romonica Feazell, assistant principal, and Mr. Jack Jinkins and Mrs. Mary Jinkins of Mendenhall High School. This school rivalry saved lives in Mississippi! Congratulations to both schools! for jobs well done!