Schools recognize student academic achievement


Magee High School and Mendenhall High School decided it was time to give a little recognition to some of their students.

In Magee they started a the 22 Club for students who score above 21 on the ACT, which is where the scholarship monies start for students who are interested in going to college.

Dr. Tom Duncan, principal of Magee High School, said, “We recognize athletes all the time. We just felt it was time to recognize students for academic achievement.”  He added that the 22 standard is above the state average and really speaks well of the students and their efforts.

Members of the Magee 22 Club are Kameron Durr, Timon Kennedy, Tamia Blanks, Courtney Stewart, Dalton Cockrell, Maleah McCulloch, Myshia Davis.  Kadid Adcox scored 23, Emily Reed and Julian Mendez scored 24s.  Josh Fairchild, Josie Russell and Adelle Sullivan scored 26.  Kyle Brister and Cynahmon Lee scored 27; Lauren Burkes and Kathyrn Chapin scored 28.  Calder Reed and Owen McCool scored 29.  Tyoka Eda scored 31 and Mac Anderson a 33. 

Mendenhall has a 25 Club.  Noah Adams, Adele’ Hall, Kennedy Hanna, Austin Jones, Alonzo Lockhart, Alex Seghini, Kaitlyn Speed and Brandon  Walker are members.

Dr. Duncan said the students will be awarded their hall banners during awards day at graduation.  


Friday night, the Trojan faithful were honored with the presence of royalty as the Homecoming court was on full display.  The football and class maids were dressed in full regalia as they prepared