Simpson County Falcons week five results

The Tinamites

(5&6 yrs.)

Against the Newton Cougars last weekend, the Falcons won the coin toss and elected to go on offense first. QB A.J. James led the youngest group down the field and eventually scored on a 22-yard sweep with A.J. Williams leading the way. The PAT was no good, Falcons 6 Cougars 0. It wouldn’t take the Cougars long. On 2nd play from scrimmage they scored on a 40-yard run and took the lead after completing the PAT. This game would have a lead change on every possession until the 3rd quarter. At halftime the falcons led 22-14. The Cougars used most of the 3rd quarter to tie the game at 22. From this point on the Falcon defense totally shutdown the Cougar attack and would score twice in the 4th quarter to win 36- 22. Leading the way on defense was A.J. Williams, A.J. James, and Jaxon Reed.

The Rookies

(7&8 yrs.)

Hats off to the Newton County Cougars, with only a 11-man squad they gave the Falcons all they could handle in the first half of the game. Halftime score Falcons 14 Cougars 6. With leading rusher and scorer Ty Davis out for the entire second half, the rest of the Falcon running back corps picked up the slack. Scores by Lane Purser and QB Creel Workman would push the final score to 30-6. The defense led by strong play by Tamaris Traxler, Ja’Waun Walker, Jahlier Fairley, Cash Lewis and Bryson Caffie completely closed the door on the Cougars, holding them to just 24 yards of total offense in the second half. 

The Midgets

(9&10 yrs.)

This team really hit its stride this week, controlling both sides of the ball from start to finish. With over 450 total yards of offense, the defense held Newton County to just 25 total yards of offense. QB Braylon Womack, running backs Cameron Smith, Henry Funches Jr. and Brayden Gregory were just unstoppable in this game. Standouts for the defense were OliJuwan Burton, Brady Fairchild, Eddie Weathersby, Kane Butler, and Jeremy Butts. Truly a blow out game as the Falcon Midgets keep pace with the Rookies going to 5-0 on the season. Final score 52-0.

The Peewees

 (11&12 yrs.)

 Newton County only had nine players for this game, so it became a nine on nine scrimmage. The Falcon defense surprised everyone with two scores; one was a stripped hand off by James “Bubba” Drennen. Once again, the Falcon Wall consisting of Princton Miller, Keith Powell, Logan Smith, and John Thomas Knight stifled the Cougars’ offensive attack. Jaylon Dampeer was the leading rusher this week, with strong support from QB Akavion Griffith, Keith Powell, and Arron Martin. The senior Falcons improve their record to 4-1 on the season. Final Score 48-6.

Next week the Falcons are back home at Tiger Stadium for another conference series against Bassfield. With only one conference series left after this one, this one is important for all the teams.

So please come out and cheer for these teams as the continue their quest to play in the championship games at “The Rock” in Hattisburg.

 Let’s Go Falcons!