2019-2020 District Tournament

Magee Middle is hosting the District basketball tournament for middle school/junior high teams December 9th and 10th. Please refer to the attached schedule.Monday December 9th

1v4 4:00 Florence Girls v. Richland Girls

1v4 5:00 Richland Boys v. Magee Boys

2v3 6:00 Mendenhall Girls v. Magee Girls

2v3 7:00 Florence Boys v. Mendenhall Boys

**This is a single elimination bracket winners of each game will play on December 12th 6:00p (girls final) 7:00p (boys final)

*Team in bold wears light color

*Please park your buses in the parking lot across from the gymnasium closes to 1st Avenue

*Hospitality Room will be provided for coaches, referees, and administration only

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Coach Young kyoung@simpson.k12.ms.us or Coach Thurman ethurman@simpson.k12.ms.us


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