Baker presides over meeting


The glass ceiling has been shattered with Magee’s acting mayor, Whitney Baker, setting the standard on moving through an agenda at the last meeting of the Magee Board of Aldermen.

Not only has Baker officially served as mayor for the city--the first female to do so--but she has also set the land record for the time it took to hold the meeting.  From the invocation to adjournment, a slick eight minutes passed. 

Baker, who serves as mayor pro tem, was tapped to fill in as mayor recently after Mayor Dale Berry suffered a fall that broke one arm.  In the attempt to catch himself he broke the opposite elbow.  An operation last week left him with screws as well as plates in each arm.  He is reported to be feeling better and is on the road to recovery. 

Acting Mayor Baker heard a discussion about an insurance meeting the Magee aldermen were holding outside the regular meeting.

The board also discussed city trash containing all sorts of materials including garbage.  The board discussed whether they had recourse if residents failed to follow standards about separating garbage, versus debris or other materials piled at the curb.  Garbage and such materials as yard debris are supposed to be picked up separately.

Alderman Lane Steel said he has notified people in the past of the specific  garbage pick-up requirements but to no avail. 

Board Attorney Bruce Smith told the board that  a process is in place for dealing with residents who do not follow the guidelines.  Smith said they would have to appear in front of the city judge if they did not comply.

Questions also arose regarding giving the offenders time to correct problems before court date is set.  Smith told the board that there was plenty of time to correct issues. 

In other business, Alderman Patrick Brown asked Police Chief Randy Crawford to look into policies regarding discharge of firearms in the city limits.  The city currently does not have an ordinance prohibiting the discharge of firearms.  Brown suggested that since there are regulations regarding times for shooting fireworks, the city might  want to consider a firearms ordinance. 

Crawford told the board he would do some research and get back with them.