Baria wins for Dems; Guest takes GOP



Primary runoff elections were held on Tuesday, June 26. The Democratic ballot had one race between Howard Sherman and David Baria for the US Senate seat. Sherman defeated Baria in Simpson County with 304 votes to 255. However, Baria convincingly won the election by receiving 58 percent of the 74,000 ballots cast.

 The Republican ballot also featured one race between Michael Guest and Whit Hughes for the U.S. House of Representatives Third Congressional District. Guest soundly defeated Hughes in Simpson County by receiving 1,242 votes opposed to Hughes’ 537. The trend continued throughout the state and Guest won the primary by receiving 65 percent of the votes.

With the conclusion of the primary, Simpson County will be preparing for its third election in less than two months. The special election for Representative of District 77 will be held next Tuesday on July 10. Cliff Brown, Hayes Patrick, Christopher Purdum, Cemper Scott, and Price Wallace will be featured on the ballot. If necessary a runoff will be held on July 31.