Big thanks due to Magee Fire Department


Some great news surfaced at the Magee City Board meeting on Tuesday night that is going to mean big savings for homeowners.

The news comes from the Magee Volunteer Fire Department in the form of an improved fire rating for the community.   What does that mean for us?  It means our insurance costs are about to be reduced significantly. 

The positive change came because the Magee Fire Department has been working to improve the city’s fire ratings as one of their number one priorities for years.  The news just came that Magee has gone from a 6 rating down to a 5.  To make things even better, according to Fire Dept. Captain Phillip Magee, Magee is not far from a 4 rating. 

Joe Lee with Southgroup Insurance said that the rating may have significant impact for some homeowners but that numerous variables also come into play.  He said a customer’s credit rating as well as claim history also impact rates.  He added that another factor that impacts savings is construction cost of the dwelling.  Lee said, “Some people will see significant savings, and the fire department is to be commended on their hard work of going from a 6 rating to a 5.”

This is a huge accomplishment for the community which is all due to the leadership of the fire department.  All the work you see around town, like the testing of fire hydrants, goes into improving our rating, but there are things that many of us are not aware of which have to do with the entire fire system and testing and maintaining that system.  Those are things the staff of the fire department has been working on. 

Firechief Lane Steele said at the meeting, “It took a team effort to make this happen.”  Steel was acknowledging the other people in the city and police department who had worked so hard to help in the efforts of the fire department. 

And, yes, it requires extra man-power but that is all paying off in a big way through reduced fire ratings. 

So where does that leave Magee?  We are in the top ten in the state in ratings and second only to Cleveland, which has the highest rating in the state  because they are also home to Delta State University.  This also has us coupled with other departments like Biloxi and Hattiesburg. 

How is Magee able to compete with the big boys?  That is simple it has to do with the dedication and leadership of the Magee Volunteer leadership.  Fire Chief Lane Steele has 35 years experience serving as a volunteer.  The department has a storied history of volunteerism and one to be proud of. 

The Magee department is one to  model after in that their training and ratings are some of the best.  They are used as example to other departments not only around the state but the nation also. 

In other business the department sold a piece of equipment they had planned to sell and were able to get the expected price of $78,000 after a bit of haggling.  The outfit that bought the truck did extensive inspection on The rescue truck was sold to a department in Fort Jennings, Ohio.  There are also plans to sell another piece of equipment Fire Engine One.  It too will be sold through the auction process. 

The department recently purchased new rescue equipment.  It will be on display as well as demonstrations will be available at the department on March 16.  Please stop by and see what the monies that were donated by local businesses was used to purchase.  The department will also be selling bar-b-q plates to raise funds for additional equipment.  This will all take place around the noon hour.  For additional information you may contact any member of the fire department.