Board approves Maddox for Food Service head

The Simpson County School Board held a special called board meeting following Thursday evening’s budget hearing to finalize year end financial issues, contract validations with vendors and approval of personnel for the upcoming school year
Upon approval of the hires for Thursday, the number of vacancies was reduced to three positions.  Elizabeth Christian, director of Human Resources, said she was confident that all vacancies would be filled in just a matter of days.  
The board approved Audarshia Flagg to replace Monica Diamond as lead teacher at Magee High School.  Alice Singley and Eric Williams were hired as biology teachers at Magee High, and Allison Phillips was approved as a math teacher at Mendenhall Junior High. 
 Tiffany Gordon was hired as a math teacher, Margaret Davis as an elementary teacher and  Sharonda Jones as an interventionist, a new position, at Simpson Central School.  Logan Dale was hired as a Agricultural/STEM teacher at Mendenhall High.  
Board member Lillie Hardy balked at the suggested hiring of Joanna Maddox as director of Food Service replacing Susan Warren.  Maddox works in the school district’s business office as an accountant, has been a leader in the school’s building projects and at one time ran the business office for the county.  Hardy questioned her credentials for running the food service operations for the county.  No one responded.  
Board member Linda Curlee said, “We have been knowing about this for a while.”  
There was no discussion from anyone else about the hire; however, the board voted to approve the  the recommendation that Maddox be transferred from her accounting position to the Food Service position.   Hardy was visibly irritated.  
The board reported that a date for an open house at the new Magee Elementary School had yet to be determined.  A parent in the crowd said he would like to visit so he could see where his child would be dropped off for school and where the classes are.  An open house is planned, but the substantial completion date has not been set.  Once this is done a date will be announced.  
The district also plans to have vendors come in and demonstrate equipment and how it is operated.  That date also is yet to be determined, but it will be announced in a future publication of this newspaper.