Board hears complaint over garbage collection fee


A county resident has appealed to the Simpson County Board of Supervisors for relief on a $1,700 garbage bill. 

Willie Sherman appeared in front of the Board of Supervisors last week seeking relief on his garbage bill, stating that the county refused to pick up his garbage. 

He said he had dealt with his garbage himself, meaning he dumped it in his work garbage or carried it to the local store and disposed of it in their garbage dumpster.  The problem was that he had received a bill for garbage collection and never made an effort to correct it.  The issue arose when he attempted to get an automobile tag using his parents’ address.  He then had a falling out with his sister, who reported to the county that he was not eligible to use the address. 

Sherman said he lived in a separate dwelling behind his parents and had placed his garbage out for collection.  He said the county picked up everyone’s garbage but his and that an employee “with a wad of tobacco” refused him service.   He contended that because the county would not pick up his garbage he did not pay the bill for the service. 

He was denied purchase of a car tag in December using the address of his parents, who are now deceased.  The total outstanding balance was $1,736.  The board told him that because he had not addressed the issue until now, nothing could be done about the previous bill. 

Sherman asked the board, “Am I going to have to move?”  He went on to say, “Ain’t no such thing as law in Simpson County.”  He had previous issues for being arrested for driving his reported stolen automobile. 

The board told Sherman that they had no choice other than to bill him for the collection because they were mandated by law to charge all residents for the service. 

The board approved the purchase of a Kubota mini excavator to use for bridge repair.  They opted for a six way control blade.  In addition to bridge repair it can be used for cleaning of box culverts.  The cost of the new equipment is $51,019.53. 

The board also agreed to get back into the paving business in a full blown manner.  They authorized the bid of a chip spreader, tar truck and a rubber wheel packer.  The stated goal of the road department is to be able to pave 40-50 miles of roads a year. 

The board approved Joe Andrews attending an NRA rifle school. In other business they approved hiring Christopher Barron as part time deputy; Angela Walker as part time dispatch, Cambree McCullum as part time jailer, Amanda Warren as part time jail and Maurice Grubbs from full to part time jail. 

The board acted to approve Magee attorney Chris Purdum as public defender in justice court at the rate of $1,000 per month.  Witt Fortenberry had been filling the position at $750 per month. He recommended the pay increase because of the time and effort the job actually requires.    The rate of pay has yet to be finalized. 

The next meeting of the board is set for January 7, 2019, at 9 a.m.  



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