Braxton elects Brown as mayor

The Town of Braxton held a special election on December 20 to fill a vacancy left by Mayor Rodney Barnett and a vacant alderman position. 

Only two candidates  qualified for the election to the position of mayor, Shane Brown and Georgia Smith.

No candidates qualified for the vacant alderman’s position.  Therefore, the position will be filled by appointment after the new mayor takes office.

Polls opened at 7 a.m. on December 20 for Braxton residents to participate in selecting new leadership.

The votes were tallied following the election and the totals favored Shane Brown, who received 19 votes compared to Smith’s 13 votes.  He has since assumed the office of Mayor for the Town of Braxton.

Smith still serves Braxton as an alderman. Mayor Brown and the Board of Aldermen discussed candidates who would be open to filling the vacant alderman position during the first meeting of the year. The Board is expected to make contact with these citizens and make an appoint during their February meeting.