Braxton loses ‘Mayor Mable’


The town of Braxton lost a revered member of their community when Mayor Mable Everett passed away on September 16.

Everett was born in Braxton in 1930. In 1969 she entered the political realm as an alderwoman and has never stopped serving the Braxton community. She served as the city clerk, alderwoman, and mayor throughout her lifetime. She is leaving behind a legacy that will never be forgotten.

Everett impacted the lives of many people who have gone on to do great things. Kat McMillan, who grew up in Braxton, shared a story that represented who Everett was as a person.

McMillan set her heart on joining the military when she was 12 years old. She graduated from high school at the age of 17 and decided to join the US Air Force. McMillan said she graduated on a Friday and left for basic training the following Monday.

McMillan said, “I was getting ready to leave for basic training and I had one change of clothes stuffed in a grocery bag.” She continued, “Mayor Mable saw what I was carrying and she told me she wasn’t going to let me leave home like that.” Everett took McMillan to a local store and purchased her a set of luggage for her journey.

McMillan said, “She was a good woman, like another mother to me and I’m going to miss her; this town is going to miss her.”

City Clerk Pam Coward  worked closely with Everett for three years and said that she loved Mayor Mable and she would be dearly missed.

My personal experiences with Mayor Mable Everett will never be forgotten. As a young man starting my journey as a reporter I was sent on assignment to Braxton. It is not the biggest town by any means, but it carries some of the biggest personalities. At the forefront was Mayor Mable Everett. City Hall was next to the fire department and I remember walking into the building and immediately feeling welcomed. Mayor Mable was sitting behind her desk and with a big smile on her face she said, “Hey, young man, how are you?” I introduced myself and told her why I came, and we bonded immediately. She would keep me informed of news in Braxton and wanted to make sure the town led county in positive headlines. Everett would always end our conversations by saying, “Now remember we have to put Braxton on the map.”

Mayor Mable Everett was a special person who will be missed. Services for Everett are tentatively scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 20, at 11 a.m. at the United Methodist Church of Braxton.