City may host over 500 teams this season


Magee’s last city board meeting on June 18 almost set a record for brevity, running only about 15 minutes. 

Mayor Dale Berry reported that David Dunn, city director of Parks and Recreation, reported that thus far the city has hosted a total of 364 different teams at the Magee Sportsplex, and he expects over 500 before the season is complete. 

This activity has a big economic impact for the city because it represents families traveling to Simpson County, where they purchase food, gas and lodging while they are playing in Magee.  The board approved paying expenses for David Dunn and assistant Jimmy Zilla as they travel with local teams to playoffs so there will be adequate representation from the city. 

The mayor reminded everyone that the fireworks season that started on June 20 and expires July 11 requires that fireworks not be ignited after 10 p.m.  The city will host the annual fireworks show on July 4th at the Sportsplex at around 8:45 p.m.  The city budgeted $3,000 for the cost of the fireworks for the event. 

The board then approved a separate budget amount of $9,793 for additional roadwork that was performed when the paving projects occurred on the road to the Sportsplex. 

Berry said he wanted to remind residents that the city would not be running garbage routes on July 4.  For those with Thursday pickup in the city, it will resume the following week. 

Berry reported he had met with CN Railroad and Christian Carrico for approximately three hours discussing some of the projects the city planned to do with the funds from the America in Bloom beautification grant the city had received.  They discussed planting trees as a buffer from Jadek Drive and the city cemetery. 

The board voted and approved retaining the firm of Charles Prince CPA to assist with a pre-budget audit.  As Berry explained, this will help aldermen in the budgeting process for the upcoming budget year.  The new budget starts in September.  The board approved spending a rate of $85 per hour up to 24 hours to accomplish work for the pre-audit.