City of Mendenhall to repair Springhill Dr.


The Mendenhall Mayor and Board of Aldermen met for the first time of the New Year on January 2 with a relatively short agenda.

 Alderman Robert Mangum gave an update on the specs for repairs on the front porch of City Hall. He asked the board to clarify what all would need to be replaced with new material. Mangum said, “It’s all money, and before its over with it’s goning to be a lot.”

In November residents of Springhill Drive appeared before the board to request something be done about the condition of their street. Alderman Tim Gray led the investigation of the condition of the street and providing the board with a recommendation, which he did on January 2.

Gray said he counted six potholes on Springhill Drive and said the majority of the road was in good shape. He said there are worse roads in the city, but Springhill Drive is in desperate need of maintenance.

Gray said, “The road needs to be fixed, not repaved.” He explained that the city can fix the road properly for hundreds of dollars opposed to repaving for thousands. The road is located in Alderwoman Sandra Weeks-Stein’s ward. She originally advocated for the repaving of the road but agreed with Gray’s recommendation of properly fixing the street. Weeks-Stein said that the road should be added to the list of streets that will be repaved near the end of the fiscal year.

Inmates who work for the city of Mendenhall recently had complaints about the lunches they were receiving. The inmates requested that their lunches be purchased exclusively from Williams Buffet located on Main Street.

City Clerk Tiffany Wallace said the complaints from the inmates were about portions and meat being undercooked. The normal practice of the city has been to rotate businesses every month to purchase inmate lunches. After some discussion the board opposed purchasing from Williams Buffet exclusively, and will continue to rotate their business.

During December Alderman Donnie Thomas spoke with Mayor Todd Booth about restriping East Street and Circle Drive.  Thomas explained that it was difficult to see the dividing lines on the road at night due to the lines being faded. Thomas asked Booth to inquire about quotes or what could be done to paint East Street from Highway 49 to Highway 149. There was a miscommunication and Booth requested quotes to restripe East Street from Highway 49 to Circle Drive. The quote also included striping Circle Drive along the front of the elementary and high school. The board moved to accept the quote of $3,200 and would seek another quote to finish East Street.

The board revisited the striping of East Street on January 2. The contractor agreed to stripe East Street with a single white line for an additional $800 while doing the other project. The board unanimously agreed to move forward.

The City will no longer provide notary services at City Hall unless it pertains to city business. Weeks-Stein said that the banks offer notary services, and Board Attorney Wesley Broadhead said his office would be able to assist citizens with notary needs as well.

Police Chief Candy McCullum recommended the board accept the resignation of Jessica Andrews and Jimmy Greene. He also requested that the board approve the hire of Emmanuel Thurman and Dustin Sims as part time officers. Both requests were unanimously approved.

An update was provided by Broadhead on the search for a new truck. McCullum is updating the specs to move forward with the purchasing process. The board discussed the upcoming MML Conference before  entering into executive session to discuss personnel. No decisions were made during executive session and the meeting was adjourned shortly after.

The Mendenhall Mayor and Board of Aldermen’s next regularly scheduled meeting will be February 5.