City receives grant funded by C & G railroad


The big news to come from Magee’s city board meeting was that the city had been awarded a $25,000 grant.

The grant was funded by C & G railroad, and Kara Kimbrough wrote for the grant for the city.  According to information at the board this is the second grant in the amount of $25,000 that Kimbrough has secured for the city.  The first was from Blue Cross Blue Shield for the designation of a Healthy Hometown. 

The proceeds from this grant will be used for beautification as well as buffering to reduce noise associated with train traffic.  Part of the grant is for 100 trees to be planted.

Kimbrough said there would be plants as well.  She budgeted for an arborist to help with the design for the city.  Additionally, she said they had ordered self-watering  hanging baskets to be used in the downtown area. 

Berry announced that plans were approved to allow for construction of the Burger King to be located on the highway at the site of the gas pumps from the old Jitney.  He also announced that the Farmer’s Market would start operation this past weekend and run through June.  Berry said the he and Joe Worrell met with American Legion representatives and they are making an effort to establish a post in Magee.  He stated this is not the same as the VFW post. 

Berry stated that there continues to be problems with apartments which are not locally owned.  He said they are piling debris on the streets to be picked up and that the buildings are not being properly maintained.  He cited some exceptions.  The board determined there are laws on the books to deal with these problems and they intend to start enforcing them.  He said the biggest problems are coming from the apartments on Colonial Drive, SASE, Azalea and Hillside Apartments.  He said the residents do not pay garbage fees. 

Berry said that paving projects for the city were expected to be complete by last Wednesday.  He said if anyone had concern that he and his brother agreed to pay the cost of the company which is paving the parking lot at First Baptist Church. 

He said the paving for Industrial Drive had gone over what was budgeted because of recent rains it had undermined the integrity of the roadway. 

There was discussion about implementing a curfew at the tennis court as well as the walking track in Eastside.  It was suggested from 10 P.M. until 5 A.M.   Lane Steele as well as Berry had received complaints about noise at the park.  It was determined to be teenagers.  It was suggested by Alderman Whitney Baker that the police should patrol more often and if someone is being too loud that they be asked to hold the noise down rather than implementing a curfew.  The board agreed with Baker. 

Alderman Patrick Brown reported to the board that he had visited with the school board about the property known as Washington Street Park.  He told the board that the school board wanted a written proposal from the city about what they would like to do with the park.  The expressed request from the city would be to acquire ownership and in return to allow the school board a 15 year lease on the ball field the city is providing for the high school.  Board Attorney Bruce Smith was to contact the school board attorney and discuss the proposal.