County busy with storm cleanup


John Kilpatrick, Simpson County emergency services coordinator, reported to the county a their last meeting that 200-300 trees fell as a result of high winds earlier in the month. 

He said everyone pitched in to help with the clearing of the roadways and that the Road Department, the Sheriff’s Department and the volunteer fire departments were invaluable.  He said many private citizens offered assistance also. 

The board heard from Glenda Brown, who was making a case for her mother, Mildred Carter, who had received damage to her water lines.  The board had approved helping with the water bill but had to adjust the months they paid.  They had paid a bill which was deducted from total that was due.    The balance was $309. 

The board heard from Kendra Wright with the U. S. Census Bureau about the census that will be taken starting the first of next year.  The actual day that is designated as Census day is April 1.  It is important that everyone be counted because it will determine funding from the Federal Government for the county.  Each resident represent $2,053 in funding from the Feds.

Charles Baldwin reported to the board they need to plan on having update airiel photos of the county. He reported they are required every ten years and the last time they were updated was in 2013.  Baldwin also informed the board the need update software programs which are obsolete they are currently using.  This also included a new field appraisal tablet which will cost a one time fee of $3,000 and then $1,200 per year for updates and maintenance. 

The board approved the purchase of three new pickup trucks for the road department.  They are under state contract for $28,500 each for one ton trucks that have crew cabs and are four-wheel drive Dodges.  They were part of the budget requests from this year. 

The board heard from a company, Roundtree and Associates, that may be using vibrating trucks to give seismic reading near the D’Lo salt domes.  The trucks weigh 63,000 pounds and will shake for eight seconds to get readings.  The county expressed concern about the damage that may be caused to the roads.  Roundtree agreed to pay the county $5,000 plus a bond in the event of damage to the roads.  There will be approximately 100 eight second tests. 

The board did not vote to approve AT&T utility permits for buried cable on Dan George, Poplar Springs, Welch and Layton Jones Roads because work had not been completed on other projects. 

The board approved the extension of the Emergency Order for Bridge Repair. 

It was reported that three dump trucks would be delivered shortly that the bodies were being installed. 

It was reported that John Anderson called to thank the Road Department for work done on Rolling Oak. 

The board approved their approval to attend the Mississippi Association of Supervisors meeting to be held at the Hilton Convention Center with them traveling back and forth.  This will take place in January 2020. 

There will be a recessed meeting of the board on Friday, November 15. 

The board approved new hires in the 9-11 office the question was asked as to why there is so much turn over.  Greg Reynolds said it is because the work is on a three-two schedule and the shifts are 12 hours.  He said the turnover comes primarily from part-time help. 

The county will be closed for Veteran’s Day Monday, November 11.  They will close on November 28 and 29 for Thanksgiving.