County to seize business property for taxes


The Simpson County Board of Supervisors has instructed Tax Assessor Charles Baldwin to take action against residents who are delinquent in their business property taxes. 

The list includes:

-Becky’s Burgers, 2016-17, $672.45

-B&b Processing, 2016-17, $505.51

-B&b Meat Market, 2016-17, $4,397.90

-Boonedox, 2015-17, $1,740.62

-Bold and Beautiful Hair Supply, 2016-17, $3,292.89

-Bumpers of Mendenhall, 2016-17, $2,823.56

-Burger Shak, 2015-17, $730.86

-Central MS Veterinary Clinic, 2016-17, $1,551.59

-Keith Tire & Auto Service, 2014-17, $10,967.24

-L&M Scrap Yard, 2016-17, $1,717.56

-Mendenhall Quick Stop, 2016-17, $881.30

-Weeze Choppers, 2016-17, $5,909.12. 

With the exception of Bumpers, notice was served on October 2018.  Bumpers has since been served.  Liens are to be filed against the businesses on January 10. 

Warrants for the removal of equipment will be issued, and the Sheriff’s Department has been instructed to pick up equipment of value to be sold to service the debt.  The items will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder.  In the event the debt is not settled the Sheriff’s Department will be required to take additional equipment to meet debt. 

In the past debtors have been told to contact the tax assessor’s office to settle the claim.  That will not  be the case providing the instructions of the Board of Supervisors are followed. 

In other business Mickey Berry assumed the presidency of the Board of Supervisors with Danny Craft to serve as vice president.  The positions are normally changed at the first meeting of the new year annually. 

The board agreed to appoint attorney Chris Purdum as public defender in justice court.  The pay per the recommendation of the former defender will increase from $9,000 per year to $12,000, based on the amount of time spent doing the job. 

The board approved changing from a 28 day to a 14 day per pay cycle for overtime beginning Jan., 8 for the Sheriff’s Department. 

The board approved payment to Tommy Joe Harvey in the amount of $2,114.76 for preparing the assesment rolls. 

The board approved a bid from Trustmark for financing the lease purchase agreement on a mini excavator they agreed to purchase. 

The board approved $2400 for payment of election workers for election fees in November. 

The board agreed to the payment of chancery clerk reporters at 9/40 share of $64,000 each  for Susanne Eaton and Debbie Williams.  Additionally they approved a 9/40 share of salary of $56,000 for Cindy Bray at $56,000. 

They approved a circuit court order for payment of Rosie Sanchez and Kimberly Ulmer at $64,000 each. 

The next meeting of the board is set for Tuesday, January 15, 2019.  The county will observe King/Lee Day on Jan. 21 and Presidents Day on Feb. 18.