Details develop on air service


The Simpson County Board of Supervisors has been busy closing out fiscal year 2018 as well as getting things in order to start the new budget year that began Monday. 

The first order of business at Monday’s meeting was to hear from AMGH,  the company with which the county’s ambulance service, AMR, merged.  The air ambulance service will be available to residents of Simpson County for $85 per year per household in the event that air service is needed in an emergency.  The fee is lowered to $65 per year per household if one of the residents is over the age of 60. 

An additional service to be offered for $219 per year covers flight transportation back to the home hospital of the insured if that hospital is over 150 miles from the one to which they were originally transported.   This will be used if the patient needs additional hospitalization. 

AMR offers a program for ambulance coverage for ground transportation in addition to the air service special. 

The representative for the company said her company plans to advertise the service to the community through the newspaper. 

The board authorized the payment of $156,650 from the county for a new 2019 mini pumper truck for the Pinola Fire Department of which  $130,000 came from grant funds and the balance from Pinola Fire Department funds. 

In their year-end meeting board members approved the 2019 insurance proposal for property, casualty, general liability, law enforcement, auto and public officials liability in the amount of $257,528, a 3 percent increase over the previous year.  They also approved the Blue Cross Blue Shield medical insurance cost for employees at the rate of $445.28 per employee per month.  This represents a 5 percent increase over the previous year.  They also approved  vision and dental insurance for the upcoming year. 

The board approved an  annual service contract with Upchurch Services for heating and air conditioning in the amount of $29,844.25. 

The board approved a contract for off-site computer data storage in the amount of $4,740 for 2019. 

The board approved the appointment of Allan Buffington as special prosecutor in the Jacob Niblett vs. Wanda Smith, Rodney Anderson and Vivian Niblett case.  

The board approved the orders from the Office of State Aid for the closure of bridges on Van Zandt and Heed Neely Road. 

The board approved the release of J & L Paving on a paving bid with the replacement of RJM McQeen Contracting in the same amount of the bid as J & L for fall paving projects. 

The board authorized the payments of $5,000 to D’Lo and Braxton for parks and recreational funding.  This will be the last year for funding of the programs from the county. 

The board approved payment for the annual audit report from Windham and Lacy in the amount of $21,000. 

The board approved issuing a check in the amount of $1,302.92 to the Department of Public Safety for grant funds that were not spent by the Sheriff’s Department for a Leadership Council on Aging. 

The next regular meeting of the board is scheduled for October 15.