Foster commits to race


Last week while visiting in Simpson County, Mississippi gubernatorial candidate Robert Foster stopped in at the newspaper office for a visit.

Foster has served in the Mississippi Legislature but said he felt that it is time to make a difference so he has decided to run.  He did not make the decision lightly, he said, adding that he and his family had prayed about it and it became clear to him that he should offer himself up for office. 

Foster, 35, has two children and owns and operates a family farm in Desoto County. 

Foster said he hopes to earn funds through donations from people across the state.  He said that if a candidate has an excess of funds “like Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, you are beholding to people and there is no way that you can accumulate over $6 million and not be obligated to special interests.” 

Foster’s platform is based on three different planks, healthcare reform, taxes and education.   

Foster says he favors a user tax opposed to other forms of taxation, saying that this is the fairest tax because it is based on those who use taxed items paying a larger fee based on volume. 

Foster said that in his opinion we have the education system all wrong and it needs to be refocused.  He promotes the idea of developing vocational programs and having children identify their abilities and skills and working toward those, as opposed to the typical college route where they may or may not use subjects they have been taught. 

The candidate also feels that the healthcare program needs to be totally re-worked.  He favors expansion of Medicaid to qualify more residents for health insurance who otherwise could not afford it.  He said the state is missing out on a 9 to 1 refund amount from the federal government. 

Foster was in Simpson County for a visit with the Conservative Men of Simpson County.  He was invited as a guest speaker following an interview with the newspaper.