Good DUI enforcement loses grant


The county is doing such a good job of enforcing DUI laws that federal funds will no longer be awarded as assistance.

At the Board of Supervisors meeting it was announced that Simpson  County would not qualify for a 2020 grant from the feds for a DUI officer position.  The reason cited was there were not enough DUI deaths, injuries or arrests in Simpson County over the past year.   Sheriff Greg Reynolds told the board his department’s strict enforcement of the law has curbed DUI incidents.

He added that they are collecting enough in violations to fund the position.  The board said they would take the issue up during budget time. 

In other business from the Sheriff’s Department the board approved Kimberly Walker and Adrian Durr as new hires. 

The board approved a request from Mendenhall High School for $100 to offset the expenses of going to state competition in golf.

The board will have a bid opening on May 13 to accept bids on Heed Neely Road Bridge project.  It will not be approved, however, until the following board meeting.  The board agreed to extend the emergency bridge repair they have been operating under. 

The board also agreed to open separate banking accounts for emergency bridge repairs on Star Braxton Road Bridge, New Hebron to Jackson Bridge and Heed Neely Bridge. 

The board ratified declarations of emergency for wind and tornado damage on April 18.  This was the storm that went through northern Simpson County near Mendenhall. 

The next scheduled meeting of the Board of Supervisors is set for Wednesday, May 15.