Housing stray dogs is a problem for the City


The City of Magee is faced with a difficult option--what do you do when there are too many dogs for the city pound to care for?

Mayor Dale Berry told the board Tuesday night that 12 is about the maximum number the city can care for at this point. 

He said he had spoken with a group formed from the local Save Our Strays organization about opening a shelter, but nothing ever materialized.  Berry said the city would try to work with the organization that hoped to create a shelter. 

So the dilemma is this: what does a city do when there are too many stray dogs to care for with the facilities the city can afford?  Berry said the city has no other choice than to send them to be euthanized.  He said the selection process is based on length of time the dogs have been in the shelter.  The city board has discussed sending the animals to a no-kill facility, but the problem is that those are also running at near capacity.  The board asked the city attorney to seek  answers from other municipalities about how they deal with strays. 

The mayor reported that a thrift store would be opening on South Main.  He also announced that the city would be preparing a meal for the Magee football team on October 11 with  the cost  paid by the mayor and aldermen.  The South State Ball tournaments will be hosted in Magee on September 21 and State Tournaments on the 28th. 

Todd Allen approached the board about recent bids that were submitted on maintaining the grass cutting in the city.  He said he understood if they could not afford to contract the services but said his business would be willing to work with the city from a consulting perspective.  The board took no action on the bids that were opened at a previous meeting for grass cutting. 

The board agreed to accept a donation from Bruce Lewis to plant shrubbery and assured the public that it would be maintained.  The shrubs will be pruned to spell out the city name, Magee.  It will be located at the Veteran’s Memorial which is to be erected at the site of the large American flag on Highway 49 South.  A dedication ceremony is  being planned by Joe Worrell on Veteran’s Day, November 11.   

The board discussed moving the warning siren from McNair Springs Park to the ball complex in South Magee.  No official action was taken, but aldermen were concerned about the whether the residents of Bigland Heights subdivision near McNair Springs would be better served from the ball field or from the existing location.

The board made the decision to implement a curfew at the park located at the old YMCA.  Mayor Berry cited drug deals, loud music and thefts being reported in the area.  Plans are to enforce quiet hours between 10:30 p.m. and 5:30 a.m.  Berry said all the commotion disturbing older residents.