Kennedy to head county Board of Supervisors


The Simpson County Board of Supervisors opened the first meeting of 2018 on January 2 with the election of new leadership for the upcoming year.  Brian Kennedy will take the reins as board president, and Mickey Berry will serve as vice president of the board. 

The board heard from Johnny Floyd of D’Lo, who came to them with a complaint that garbage trucks had used his driveway to turn-around and have caused the driveway to crack.  He said he had told the driver not to turn in his driveway, but there were tire marks where the driver had been turning and now the driveway is broken up.  The board offered to repair the first segment of his driveway but not the third section that Floyd said the truck went to. 

Floyd told the board, “You would not be satisfied with this offer if it were your driveway.”  He said that unless they agreed to guarantee the work he was not happy.  The county agreed to have a concrete contractor look at the damage and see how much the repairs would cost. 

Bids were opened for a two year contract for being the county depository for the upcoming year.  A combination bid between Peoples Bank and PriorityOne Bank won the bid offering a 1.55 percent interest rate on checking balance.  The bid was offered at a 60-40 split with Peoples Bank getting the larger share. 

The board discussed the cost of federal bridge inspections being so much more than county engineers are allowed to charge.  County engineers can charge $350 per inspection, but the federal charge is $14,000.  The problem is that these inspections are consuming all the money that would otherwise have been used for repairs.  The board is expecting to go through the same drill again next year and no funds will be available until 2019. 

The board asked the road manager if someone on the existing road crew  could be trained to do the repairs needed for the damaged pilings.  Warren replied, “No, you have to cut them crooked so that they will be straight.”  He said he did not have anyone capable of doing this type of work. 

The county sheriff got  approval to add eight unmarked cars to the fleet of vehicles.

Buddy Wolverton, county engineer, said there would be $7,800 in liquidated damages because of running over time limits on paving projects. 

The board approved payment of the final installment for the Pearl River Development District in the amount of $46,536.85.  The district is to dissolve in June 2018.  This will allow them to service outstanding debt before closing the operation. 

The county had received notification that the Mississippi Emergency Management Association was reducing funding for the position currently served by Glen Jennings.  The county had been receiving $25,492.80, which will be reduced to $19,841.28. 

The board acknowledged receiving a complaint from Jason Niblet, who had issues with the First Baptist Daycare in Mendenhall.  It was a justice court matter, but local attorneys and judges have recused themselves in the matter.  A special judge and a prosecutor will be assigned the case. 

The next meeting of the Board of Supervisors will be held Tuesday, January 16, at 9 a.m.