Kilpatrick named new emergency manager


Amber Leanne Cole was the recipient of a $500 scholarship from the Mississippi Board of Supervisors. 

The tuition scholarship was presented during the board meeting Monday by the president of the Simpson County Board of Supervisors, Mickey Berry. 

At this meeting, the board also hired John Kilpatrick as Simpson County’s Emergency Manager.  He will replace Glen Jennings, who recently announced that he plans to retire. 

The board received updates on the emergency bridge repair on Star-Braxton Road Bridge, New Hebron-Jackson Road Bridge and Heed Neely Road Bridge. 

The board also discussed repairs to the Simpson County Court House. Because of the historic designation of the court house, the board is required to have an architectural plan for repair to the building.  Two options were offered, one at $28,000 that will detail the work to repair to prevent future water damage.  The other includes structural plans to determine if any structural repairs were needed.   The cost for this was $40,000.  The board opted for the less expensive plan that will prioritize the work that needs to be done.  This report will qualify the county to apply for grants  for historic preservation. 

Trustmark was approved lowest bidder on financing for lease purchase on 911 equipment at 3.19 percent on a 60-month loan of almost $74,000. 

The board approved hiring Amanda Hays Lott as a Deputy Court Clerk in Justice Court to replace Brandy Shepherd, who is going to work in youth court as intake officer in Chancery Court. 

The order for new dump trucks has been delayed, but the board agreed to purchase the existing three trucks that were set to  be returned on a buy-back program. 

The board heard from Fred Alexander about the response to a 911 call.  Alexander contended that it took officers longer to respond than they claimed.  The call was described as a  domestic dispute between a local woman and a Jackson man.  It was claimed that the Jackson man brandished a gun.  When officers arrived it was reported that the suspect had left the scene.  The officer said he instructed Alexander’s brother, the person who had the gun drawn on him, to file charges in Justice Court.  The incident happened May 13 and no charges had been filed. 

Sheriff Reynolds told Alexander if he had problems with the way the matter was settled he should have made contact with him personally.

In other business the board opted to rent a soil stabilizer/mixer at a cost of $22,000 for the month.  The plan is to grind some of the existing roads because of the condition to which they have deteriorated.  If the machine works as it is planned, the county will approve the lease and if not they will not lease the equipment. 

The next planned meeting of the board is June 17.