M’hall board considers parking issue


Mendenhall Mayor Todd Booth called the meeting of the Board of Aldermen to order at approximately 6 p.m. Tuesday, June 5.

Alderwoman Sandra Weeks Stein of Ward 4 prayed over the meeting. An amendment was added to the agenda, and then the meeting commenced.

 Jimmy Rammage, a citizen of Mendenhall, was having a curbside parking problem. Rammage brought up concerns about being unable to see around the people parking on the curb at his house and how dangerous this is, especially for his teenage granddaughter, as it becomes harder to park, get out and pass.

As the board discussed, they agreed this was a problem, not just in Rammage’s area but in other parts of town as well. Rammage mentioned that a “No Parking” sign might help in certain areas of town. A town- wide ordinance against parking on the curbs would also help, but that could bring up problems in certain situations such as parties. A motion was made to take Rammage’s concerns under advisement and get back to the issue as soon as possible.

The Millstone Spring Subdivision was discussed. A motion was made to accept the previously made plans for it.

The voting delegates for the 2018 MML were chosen. The mayor was chosen as the delegate and the mayor pro tem as alternate.

There was extensive talk regarding a resolution for the use of golf carts and golf cart style vehicles on city streets with some restrictions. They must have lights after dark. A licensed driver must be driving at all times. The vehicles must have liability insurance. The board also added that the golf carts must have a tag.

Arthur Walker requested for a street light at 660 South Main. A motion was made and passed not to add it due to the area already being well-lit.

The board minutes from the previous month were approved.

The April 2018 financial reports were accepted after a bit of discussion.

The Budget Workshop was set for Thursday, July 19.

Two quotes were given for the A/C unit at the Armory. Larry Grant gave a proposal for $23,715. Air South gave a proposal for $31,242.11. A motion was made for Larry Grant.

Hancock Bank was discussed. The board is refinancing, so they’re getting quotes from Hancock as well as the two local banks, People’s and Priority.

The board approved a status change for dispatcher Ashley Griffith from full-time to part-time at the police department. Hart May was employed as a full-time dispatcher.

City Superintendent Kenneth “Red” Lewis requested a status change for Jonathan Rainey to be moved from part-time to full-time. He also requested that Joshua Morrow be employed part-time. Both were approved.

Matt Abbott gave a verbal report from the fire department. He wanted permission for the fire department to pursue two grants: the Georgia Pacific Bucket Brigade Equipment Grant and the Volunteer Firefighter Assistance Grant from the MS Forestry Commission. The board approved the fire department to begin applying for these grants.

Brandon Wester, the fire chief, spoke about applying for the Fire Truck Acquisition Assistance Program and pursuing a grand for a new fire truck. A motion was passed to pursue it.

The amendment that was added to the agenda was discussed. It was about a sewer tap at 612 North Main. Alderman Robert Mangum of Ward 2 mentioned that the sewer tap in question was fifty feet from the property line, when it should be located at the property line. The sewer taps were placed by the city where they were told to place them. A motion was made to move the sewer tap.

The water pressure on South Main was discussed. The issue won’t be resolved overnight, and the board knows that it is an issue.

Sales tax is up in the city.

Shortly after discussing the sales tax, the meeting was adjourned.